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The road to recovery

My name is Breann Holly, I’m 28 years old with 4 children. I walked through the doors of Mary Hall November 20th 2018. I was broken carrying heavy burdens. I had guilt, shame and was full of discouragement. I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter, with no visitations with my 3 year old son. My addiction took everything I loved and cared for once again. I had sought treatment in my past and obtained 14 months clean in 2017. Life showed up and lost the battle to my addiction, at that point in my life I was going to court to get visitation rights back with my two older boys. I had made the decision to let my aunt and uncle keep custody of the boys because I knew they had the best interest for them. I walked away with so much pain I felt like I was abandoning my children all over again. I lost my coping skills and didn’t know how to release all the emotions flooding through me. I then made the decision to pick up and use, I then lost my freedom and everything I owned and went to jail again. When released I knew I had to make a life changing choice for myself, I became willing to surrender my life and take any suggestions. So far I have built an amazing sober network, my higher power who I call GOD and Sponsor who I talk to everyday. The steps have given me more insight on the person I want to be, it has taught me forgiveness to move forward one day at a time. Today I live my life in recovery with 2 beautiful children and a fresh start. I am now currently employed at Smoothie king as a assistant manager. I have reached many goals including a savings account, custody back of my 3 year old through DFCS, and HEP C treatment. Utilizing resources for housing and a reliable vehicle. God has made me a beautiful women in recovery as well as a mother, I am blessed and determined.


I chose this photo because it means so much to me, Graduation June 2019 of Mary Hall Freedom House. This place helped Save my life.


I came to Mary Hall Freedom House (MHFH) in late February 2019 totally hopeless with my 11 month old son. By the grace of God, I had just enough gas and the truck didn’t break down on the way. I was exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally. I had been living in a condemned house floor caving in and infested with rodents. This was the third rehab with my son, running with a warrant for my arrest and a DFACS safety plan. I knew this was my last chance. My metal facilities and physical health was in despair and pain. In a matter of days, I discovered the RISE Program. It being for pregnant and postpartum women up to one year, I barely made the cut but I wanted the services they provided. The Rise program allowed me a year stay, family fathers advocate and lots of other wrap around services. I got the most beautiful counselor in which I started to shed all my secrets, remorse and regrets.

The first miracle happened within 30 days being at MHFH. My DFACS safety plan was reviewed and dropped. I knew God was here and working on me. It confirmed that I was in the right place. Next huge milestone was getting help for my sons father. I knew I couldn’t help him and had to cut him out of my life for he was still in his active disease. The RISE program has a family fathers advocate that has since helped him and he is getting help now. It was hard for me to do this because he was my only support but I totally 


surrendered my will over to the God of my understanding. I had faith that God would care for me and my son. It was not easy and money was tight, but MHFH made sure we never went hungry, we had hot water and lights, and shelter. God had provided all the way. A few months in as my recovery started to grow, the secret I had been hiding about my warrant for my arrest was festering my spirit like a poison. I had to tell the truth and turn myself into jail. The reason I had never done so was the fear of losing custody of my son for I had no one to care for him while I was incarcerated. This is how beautiful God works. A young minister and his wife at our church absolutely loves Bash. I asked if they would care for him while I turned myself in yet God had another miracle in store. After many phones calls, apology letters, and an admin hearing, I didn’t have to go to jail. Only God could’ve made this happen like it did. Now, I have been sober for a year, I have a sober network of women, relapse prevention tools and resources that will help me the rest of my life. I love being a mom, and it not easy but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I can honestly say that Mary Hall Freedom House loves me until i learned to love myself because today....I love me.


To look at me, one would not believe that just a little over two years ago I was homeless. I found myself in this predicament during a hospitalization. I was kicked out of my housing. After spending almost one month in the hospital, I was released and found myself sleeping in my vehicle or staying on a friend’s couch for a night or two if I was lucky. While living in the vehicle, I went to the resource center at Fort McPherson to obtain help from the Atlanta VA. They immediately told me that they could not help me and return the next day which I did and yet again received no assistance. I finally returned a third time at which time they set me up to stay in a homeless shelter. While in the shelter, I was contacted by my VA social worker and informed that I had been placed in a program for homeless female veterans at Mary Hall Freedom House.

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by Rhea, the social worker that I was assigned. She discussed the program with me thoroughly, took me to the apartment that I would be staying while in the program, and then provided me with gift card and authorization to complete laundry. By this time, I finally began to experience a sense of relief. It was the first time in months that I felt somewhat normal. Rhea and I met again and began the plan of establishing my goals and establishing myself to regain my footing in life. As I attended meetings, doctor appointments, and began job searching, I began to feel more like a human again. After months of hard work, things finally began to pay off, I found myself paying off some of my debt thereby increasing my credit score and eventually obtaining a job. In August 2018, I signed a lease for my own apartment after being in the program for a few months. I found myself feeling a sense of accomplishment. I continued to work at the job that I had procured for one year before obtaining another position at a higher salary that would eventually lead to me obtaining a better and bigger apartment in a safer area.


My time at Mary Hall Freedom House in their VIP program taught me to never  lose faith and trust in God. Also, it taught me that I am stronger and more resilient than I could ever imagine. Although I found myself  frustrated during my time at Mary Hall, not due to to the staff but my own life situations I am quite thankful for it. It shown me if an individual is given just a small amount of care, attention, and support, there is absolutely nothing that can be accomplished. Finally, as I reflect on my time, I know there are ways that the VIP program can be improved, but I pray it continues to be a key aspect and program of Mary Hall, because I do not know where I would be without the time that I spent there. Although due to current circumstances, I find myself unemployed; I am not without a place of my own, food on my table, and blessings still flowing. I am eternally grateful for the assistance that I received while at Mary Hall Freedom House VIP program.

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