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Sponsor A Family: Mary Hall Freedom Village aims to meet the needs of women and children needing services. Without our sponsors, treatment, housing, birthdays, supportive services and holidays wouldn’t be possible. Please call for more information on how you can help.

Winning Circle (link): Are you looking to make an impact in the lives of women and children? Join our Winning Circle fundraising campaign. With just $1,000 (minimum commitment), you will change lives, reunify families and impact our society. Joining is Simple! Go to, click on Start Fundraising to create your personal winning circle campaign.

Guardian Angels: Assist mothers by providing loving and efficient childcare to our youth from ages 0-15 through our daycare and aftercare programs. You can even assist with providing moms support by helping with care on weekends or evenings for a day to give them the opportunity to take care of the household, attend meetings or go to work by caring for one child or hosting a gathering for the children of Mary Hall Freedom Village.


Diamond in the Rough: Come volunteer your gifts and talents by helping our women develop useful skills that will help compliment their life transformation. We welcome assistance with computer skills, educational, career development support and tutoring, banking and money management, culinary, beautification, makeup, dress for success, mentorship, you name it!


Host with the Most: Many of our women and children have not had the opportunity to experience a party or gathering. Help make them feel special by hosting events such as a collaborative monthly birthday party of your choice, holiday party, or barbecue.


From a House to a Home: Help us keep our houses a home for the women, children, and Veterans we serve. Channel your interior decorating skills or use your strength by assisting us with maintenance and beautification to our sustainable housing by decorating, painting, revamping or supplying significant household items such as diapers, cleaning supplies, toiletries, blankets, non-perishable food items and other sundry items to help make the house a home.


Mentoring Program: Mentor women as they return to living life on life’s term. Become a mentor and friend to an individual women or women with children. 


Ultimate Care Packages: Assist our women and children by providing them with the daily needs of care packages such as perishable food items, personal care items, toiletries, cleaning materials, school supplies, toys and more. Gather up a group of friends, colleagues, and family member to create these care packages with the opportunity to personally drop them off to the women and children themselves to witness their gratification of your hard work. Help make their transition easier by providing the needed necessities that we may not realize the importance of until we are without them ourselves.


Conquer Hunger: Prepare a meal for women and children temporarily residing at our facilities. Take the opportunity to prep and serve a selected meal of your choice (breakfast, lunch, or dinner) while interacting with residents as they express their deepest gratitude of your support.

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