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Lucy Hall, BS, CAC, Founder and CEO of Mary Hall Freedom Village (MHFV), grew up surrounded by addiction, not knowing there was another way of life. At age six she lost her mother to alcoholism, and later lost two brothers to addiction. Lucy, struggling with her own addictions. Gave birth to her daughter at the age of 27. Fearing she was destined to repeat the cycle of generational addiction that had plagued her childhood, Lucy decided to get help and entered treatment. In 1996, Lucy felt called to help other women and families struggling with homelessness, addiction, and poverty. Lucy founded MHFV in honor of her mother, Mary Hall, and started the organization in one apartment housing two women.


MHFV is a national leader in recovery services and housing for women, children, veterans, and families providing a continuum of services to end homelessness, addiction, and poverty. Since MHFV began in 1996, it has served more than 15,000 individuals blossoming into a vital community asset. Lucy is the proud mother of two children, Mary and Christian and enjoys faith, family and fitness. Lucy has a B.S. in Human Services from Shorter University and is a national credentialed substance abuse counselor.


As a current author of the book “Hope Dealer” and featured in a documentary “Hope Village,” Lucy also enjoys co-hosting the podcast “Hope Village Podcast” which all can be enjoyed by joining us on Facebook Live, YouTube, or by Apple Podcast and visiting


Jon Kleinberg, Co-Chair, Transwestern

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